Important Dates :
  • “Navreh” 1st Navratri – 28th March 2017; Tuesday
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Yagna – 27th May 2017; Saturday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Utsav – 03rd July 2017; Monday (Solar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Jayanti – 05th July 2017; Wednesday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Guru Purnima – 09th July 2017; Sunday
  • “Herath” - Maha Shivratri - 12th February 2018 (Monday)
  • Ashtami 2017 – 04th April; 03rd May; 02nd June; 01st July; 29th August; 28th September; 28th October; 27th November; 26th December; 25th January; 23rd February

Vaheguru - The Wondrous Master Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji

Vaheguru - The Wondrous Master Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji

“Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji Supreme God Head Himself”, who had appeared on earth on 3 July, 1898 was playing the compassionate father and continues to do so in mystical form after his life time. He was holding the view that a person must create values for himself through action and by living each moment to the full emphasis on existence, not on essence only. Guru Maharaj is working through us for love, Compassion and seva, which can raise our Consciousness to various higher levels until one reaches the super mental level, the pinnacle of evolution as described by the greatest Munis and Rishis. A bhakta reaches right to the goal. Bhaktas are always full of bliss; they neither feel exalted nor humiliated. Bhaktas have nothing to lose. They consider Guru Maharaj as their own and feel happiness in his happiness.

Vaheguru - the wondrous master Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji, who in his life time got the title JagadGuru, the preceptor of the world.

Nothing will be impossible to attain and nothing will be out of our reach, provided we keep Bhagavaan Ji within our heart all the time round.

Since one has to make one’s own path in sadhana, therefore, the interested persons have to read and deal with the issues after thorough reading, contemplating and reflecting.

We get to the master the more charm, newness and love we feel. Shree Guru is the shelter and we become secure after we are in the shelter.

It is well known that silence plays a vital role in spiritual growth. In silence we feel the spark of God within. Silence is to avoid confrontation. Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji believed that silence is God. He spoke little and whatever he spoke was rich with sublime values. His silent message is to turn to Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita for light and guidance. Insults are necessary to make one able to assimilate appreciation and fame.

Shree Guru helps the seeker in his own invincible ways. Which have no parallel in the ways of the world. His grace is like an ocean and it depends on the capacity of the devotee to have his share from the ocean of grace.

It is an experienced fact that when we can not handle life, Bhagavaan Ji comes through intuition and associates, saves the situation so that we remain same and balanced.

Bhagavaan Ji is here and now, he is love and space for the devotees. Pride causes down fall. Where there is the possibility of down fall, the path may be good but it may not be safe. A dexterous worker when harbour desire for publicity is subject to downfall.

At this stage of my experience, I am convinced that devotees should have no malice against any one. And the path of devotion teaches us to feel happiness in serving the mission of Guru Maharaj for propagating the principles of rectitude, truthfulness and purity as sincere devotees.

Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji is in the lineage of lord Rama, Bhagavaan Krishna, Mahatma Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and exercises a spiritual power unequalled since the times of Jesus Christ,

Chanting of Om Namo Bhagavate Gopinathaye liberates us from fear. Life may not always be rewarding. During troubled times, we need to maintain an unwavering faith in Guru Maharaj. Living in the present moment is what can yield positive results. Life is not only about achieving but it is more about contributing. Here is importance of service to whom, who approaches us with confidence. Philanthropic activities and programmes of service to people are to be under taken and financial and physical help to the needy is to be provided by the devotees either individually or collectively in groups all in the name of our beloved Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji. Service will ensure spiritual well being. It will keep the flame of love burning in our heart. We have to remember that love calls for sacrifice and forgiveness. And as love is the binding force it will connect us and make us secure.

Bhagavaan Ji would not believe in the interference of religion. He had a world view of the things that will unite the mankind and ensure peace and happiness all over. My spiritual master opened my eyes. Every home of a devotee is a temple in his honour.

Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji transcends all the barriers of faith, religion, nationality and beliefs. He is always with us to help us in our endeavour. Bhagavaan Ji has international feeling. He would make us believe that service to the needy might not yield immediate effect but the potential for future benefit is immense. We are advised not to complain as every thing made by God is perfect and has a purpose in this world. It is remembered that we have to be firm, while being polite we have to be ideal idol for our juniors.

Since “Kansa” had been to tease the parents of Lord Krishna, therefore, we also become victim to mischief in our pariwar but there is a word of caution that we should not forget the mission. It is Bhagavaan consciousness which demands us to stand by the truth. The seed of Bhagavaan Consciousness was sown in me by my father Pt. Dina Nath Kaul and uncle Shree Gobind Kaul right back in 1947.

Ego springs from a false sense of identification. It is characterized by selfishness and unwillingness to compromise. Becoming successful in the world requires a strong will. It has the power to vanquish an opponent and chooses to forgive and forget. The saints and sages live for a purpose in view and to fulfill a mission. Bhagavaan Ji gave indication that having achieved the goal and was no longer in need of the body in 1967 only. But due to our ignorance it remained unthinkable up to 28th May 1968, evening. There was nothing abnormal or unusual till then. It was for me a routine darshan in the morning of 28th May and leaving for a routine evening service before the inevitable took place.

Bhagavaan Ji would not like us to compromise where principles are involved. He wants us to be firm as a rock on the side of righteousness and truth.

Meditation becomes the tool which takes the individual to merge with the ocean of love. By meditation our intuitive brain cells open up and we can see more that what others can see. One who has not experienced meditation can not enter the field of experience. Bhagavaan Ji never moved for pleasure. His movement has been partly to uplift the deserving wherever they have been at a particular time. Think of any name of Guru Maharaj, see it is soaked in love and chant the name slowly in silence for wonderful results. Attention of important festival of Bhagavaan Ji on certain fixed dates as 3d July will ensure celebrations for devotee’s world over.

Love is sweet and hatred is poison. If a person lives a pure life nothing can crush him. Meditative awareness can let go our usual excuse of “no time” for a good and philanthropic cause. Present sevadhars have to rise the opportunity to project Bhagavaan Consciousness in its true perspective.

We have to uphold the principles of discipline, humility and perseverance in order to achieve our goal.

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