Important Dates :
  • “Navreh” 1st Navratri – 28th March 2017; Tuesday
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Yagna – 27th May 2017; Saturday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Utsav – 03rd July 2017; Monday (Solar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Jayanti – 05th July 2017; Wednesday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Guru Purnima – 09th July 2017; Sunday
  • “Herath” - Maha Shivratri - 12th February 2018 (Monday)
  • Ashtami 2017 – 04th April; 03rd May; 02nd June; 01st July; 29th August; 28th September; 28th October; 27th November; 26th December; 25th January; 23rd February


The magazine “Prakash Bhagavaan Gopinath” is a quarterly magazine with a circulation of 1000 copies. It is published in four sections- English, Hindi, Kashmiri and Sanskrit. Recently, an Urdu section has also been added on public demand. The main aim of this magazine is to preserve our ancient Kashmiri heritage and culture. Special emphasis is laid on the teachings of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji.


  • Jagat Guru Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji Foundation has printed and published the biography of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji in 2003. Titled “The Saint Extra Ordinary- Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji”, this book is written by a well known Kashmiri Pandit writer, Shri T. N. Dhar (Kundan).
  • Another English book, “Lord Gopinath- Brevity, His Beauty”, written by Shri B. L. Kak, (Journalist of repute). Among other things, this book elaborates on the Sanskrit verse “Om Namoh Bhagwate Gopinathaya Desh Rakshaye Namoh Namah”. During the wars of 1947-48, 1971 and the Kargil war, Bhagavaan Ji is believed to have helped Indian soldiers in re-conquering our territories grabbed by Pakistani forces. The details of these incidents are given in the book.
  • For the first time, Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji’s biography has been published in Urdu by the Foundation. This book, “Bhagavaan Gopinath Akaid-O-Afqar” authored by Dr Premi Romani, has received good response from Urdu readers. It was released on Sep, 10th 2006 at Jammu by justice (Retd) B.L. Bhat.
  • Printed and published by the Foundation, “Sadgurudevaseya Namawali” is a book in Sanskrit written by Prof M. L. Kukiloo. Due to its popularity, this book has been translated into English by Prof C. L. Raina, a Professor of Religious Studies in Florida, USA.
  • Biography in Hindi released on 25.12.2007 - Smt. Sheela Dixit, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, released the detailed biography in Hindi of Jagat Guru Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji on Dec. 25th, 2007 at Chief Ministers residence. The book has been translated into hindi by Shri Dalip Kaul with the title “Ek Vilakshan Santh”. This hindi version is also based on original english biography of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji, Titled (The Saint Extra- Ordinary) written by T.N. Dhar ‘Kundan’.
  • Bhav-Sadhur: A Book of Complied Bhajans - In a simple but glittering ceremony the book titled Bhav-Sadhur was released by Gen. S.K. Sinha Former governor of Jammu and Kashmir on Feb. 14th, 2010 at Mavlankar Auditorium, New Delhi in presence of many prominent personalities. The book is a collection of about 200 Bhajans assembled by Prof. Shiela Nakaib. Shri P.N. Kaul “Saiyal” the famous Kashmiri Poet, writer and linguistic, rendered his full support to shape up this book in the form of a bouquet with aesthetic and devotional fragrance.
Apart from these books, a number of booklets have also been printed and published by the foundation. They are-
  • “Khema Ashtak” in praise of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji in Hindi written by Shri C. L. Razdan, former Officer of Kashmir University.
  • “Tathe Bab”, a bunch of Kashmiri Bhajans in praise of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji by Smt Rani Kaul.
  • “Shri Guru-Paduka Stuti” a bunch of Sanskrit poems in praise of Bhagavaan Ji’s padukas (wooden sandals) Prof M. L. Kukiloo-Sanskrit scholar and Shri C. L. Razdan- former Officer of Kashmir University.
  • “Shri Pratah Aradhana”, a compilation of Sanskrit verses in praise of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji written by Prof M. L. Kukiloo, a Sanskrit scholar from Kashmir.
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