Important Dates :
  • “Navreh” 1st Navratri – 28th March 2017; Tuesday
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Yagna – 27th May 2017; Saturday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Utsav – 03rd July 2017; Monday (Solar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Jayanti – 05th July 2017; Wednesday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Guru Purnima – 09th July 2017; Sunday
  • “Herath” - Maha Shivratri - 12th February 2018 (Monday)
  • Ashtami 2017 – 04th April; 03rd May; 02nd June; 01st July; 29th August; 28th September; 28th October; 27th November; 26th December; 25th January; 23rd February

Jagat Guru Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji

Pran Nath Koul
Mob: 9868514295, 07838396400

I was nervous when Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji looked at me and smiled his slight smile in his sanctum sanctorum at Braikujan Habba Kadal, Srinagar on a Sunday gathering of June 1966. In his eyes I could see the affection in which he held me.

We have to evolve a pragmatic approach for establishing a grid of devotees to spread Bhagavaan Consciousness across the globe. The moment of truth and transformation comes when mind is engulfed by simplicity, gravity and truthfulness.

In seeking guidance from a picture one has to hold the picture up to super consciousness at the point between the eye brows for results. Bhagavaan Krishna, Jesus Christ and Bhagavaan Gopinath ji embody a state of being, aware of all times of all our actions. Knowing this we have to become better human beings to prove our devotion. Devotion is the most valuable treasure because it supplies endless vitality.

Spirituality may buffer the negative consequences of chronic health conditions. I go in to a strange mood while thinking of the Lotus Feet and the clothes of Shree Guru Maharaj. Now I want to see that my ego is dissolved completely no matter what others say. Bhagavaan Gopinath ji in his multi facets belonged to the spiritual line of Kauls and Aghoreshwars. He had reached the highest stage of self realization and what he did and said during his life time has become the subject matter of a legend. He could perform wonders but he lived the life of a recluse and an ascetic. Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji seems to be more alive now after leaving his mortal body. His influence, guidance and direction are being increasingly felt all over.

Bhagavaan ji was loved by all Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir. He produced harmony in Kashmir. He represents the essence of Kashmiri Pandit heritage. He was a mystic of the highest order. The mysticism practiced by Bhagavaan Gopinath ji provides a new perception on the nature and science in general. He talked little and never preached but he was full of compassion and love for all who sought his protection and blessings. Reading of Namavali of Bhagavaan Gopinath ji with love and devotion experiences peace. Since the name is sacred bond, therefore, its recitation sooth tired nerves. It rejuvenates mind and soul. And makes us better persons.

Bhagavaan ji would like us to use his words as living things and not as symbols only. He has projected himself as the perfect person who completely identifies himself with the Supreme Being. He looked upon all alike. He is free for all.

The one who concentrates receives inspiration that awakens powers and channels them. I am attuned to God, being saved by the Guru. I feel waves of love radiating towards me, washing over me and infinitely accepting me. The more open I am, the more love I can receive. All life is love. It is love for Guru Maharaj which enables us in fulfilling our genuine desires.

We as human beings depend upon society. No one can afford to indulge in individualism that will amount to social suicide. Love shatters the crust of our ego and brings blessing in disguise. Harmony and peace is there, when left and right hands are in good condition and join each other for completing an assignment. Similarly humans should function in the material realm only for maintaining existence, not for seeking enjoyment. For they will find real happiness only in spiritual realisation. When one organization is trying to dominate other, it will be death blow to spiritual progress. Variety of institutions means benefits of diversity and it will enhance the attraction just like different trees enhance the beauty of a garden. Two are always better than one.

Jagat Guru Bhagavaan Gopinath ji Foundation is the engine of spiritual rejuvenation in the youth of our pariah, while the performers have to be supportive of each other. A vow is to be taken to this effect today on the hundred and fifteenth birth day of Bhagavaan Ji. Spirituality is the super player for the human welfare. Spiritual growth is to be earned by involving in Sadhana, satsang and reading of holy scriptures. Having firm faith in our sadguru's grace will give peace. Inactivity should be avoided by all means. During fasting in the uplifting sadhana the toxins accumulated in body cells begin to get expelled. This minimises physical ailments, increases strength and keeps our body, mind and hormonal balance in check. Nama smarana is the best antidote for all ills. The image created at an Ashram is a reminder to divine presence.

Bhagavaan ji possesses a blissful form surrounded by a golden glow. We should respond to situations then our commitment guide us. In the space of alertness our presence is more conscious and thoughts do not arise. When our presence has less consciousness there are more thoughts. A spiritual person works for what is incorporeal and guides people for their spiritual uplift. All of us need an anchor to help us experience and to make us aware of the divinity and hidden powers in us. And the experience gives the sense of faith that can experience God. We are fortunate in that there are so many among us who are motivated by a spirit of service and dedication. They inspire us. They deserve recognition. They need to be emulated. Existence does not work according to our needs, desires, wants, ideas or beliefs. In reality, existence does not favour any one more than the other. The apparent unfairness that we see is needed for continuity. Sharing bring far greater happiness than selfish consumption. In this way we are being rafted on to life's mission for the common good, and discontent in us is giving way to contentment.

3rd July celebrations marking the birthday of Bhagavaan Gopinath ji will increase one's love for Bhagavaan ji whom the Namavali exalts calling him, Amritakara! the fountain head of the Amritam the Absolute Reality. He is engrossed with the intoxication of the Bhakti, which is unconditional devotion towards the master. He is adored by the Devatas, as they are commissioned to help the devotees in fulfilling their desires, both mundane and transcendental. He is the embodiment of truth, consciousness and bliss.

Bhagavaan Gopinath ji had the healing touch and gave booms to the needy. Occasionally, he exercised his spiritual powers in the interest of the nation. His celebrations should be celebrated at as many points on earth as possible and people should participate in them in large numbers. That will reduce to a large extent the loss of precious human lives due to different forms of violence.

By chanting of the great mantra "Om namo Bhagavate Gopinathaya" regularly, we are saved from the ill effects of evil dreams, enjoy peace and all suffering and perils are averted. We make quick, accurate decisions and complete our tasks at lightning speed. Please join us at Uttam Nagar, Celebrations.

May God bless you!

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