Important Dates :
  • “Navreh” 1st Navratri – 28th March 2017; Tuesday
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Yagna – 27th May 2017; Saturday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Utsav – 03rd July 2017; Monday (Solar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Jayanti – 05th July 2017; Wednesday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Guru Purnima – 09th July 2017; Sunday
  • “Herath” - Maha Shivratri - 12th February 2018 (Monday)
  • Ashtami 2017 – 04th April; 03rd May; 02nd June; 01st July; 29th August; 28th September; 28th October; 27th November; 26th December; 25th January; 23rd February

Gospels of Shri Shri Bhagavaan Ji

World of theosophy is a vast ocean of divine theorem – an unscaled Himalaya of spiritual heights; it is a holy realm of deep meditation with a depth deeper than the human thoughts. It is a divine fusion between a deity and a piety having a spiritual valency with a cosmic coherence of faith, truth and alliance. A saint is not bound to exhibit miracles because He is the divine treasure of bliss which pours in a panacea shower of bliss whenever a piety is in pain, distress or trauma. A piety is bound to be true devotee as to follow the gospels of His Master to fulfill the Master’s will and get liberated from the nagging cycle of birth and death.

Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji is known as “Bub Bhagavaan” – the Jagat Guru for the entire human society emitting the blissful fragrance with a soothing dew of Simplicity (Syezar), Truth (Pazar) and Purity (Shuzar) bedecked in a rainbow of religious and cultural ethos. These three words – Simplicity, Truth and Purity is a hymn of Hindu philosophy; Yes – a mystic mosaic of Lord in trinity, an immortal essence of ‘Brahma’, ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Mahesh’. Even a naked eye can find ‘Brahma’ in a white attire sitting on the blooming Lotus denoting the peace, composure and serene tranquility for the universe, ‘Vishnu’ in blissful smile and grace as the true caretaker and ‘Mahesh’ in His deep meditation in purity pouring the bliss and cleaning the mush of His devotees; Yes – a truth in purity. These three fathomless words can sound very ordinary to an atheist but to a theist they are an umbel of spiritual inflorescence spreading shade and perfume of a serene saint who in all the simplicity, truth and purity dispels His bliss in an immortal radiance to those who inhale and inherit the gospels of the Master in totality and purify the thoughts within by disbursing the Master’s teaching with a fountainous sprinkle of spiritual dew all over the theosophical meadows of a religious culture.

It reminds me of a fact that the towering Pines in the woods are not irrigated by any gardener but by the immortal nature nourishing the gigantic tree to touch the fleet of skies because of its simplicity, truth and purity in giving all the green grace, soothing shade and true timber to the human world. ‘Bubjee’ advocated His devotees to create a character of simplicity, a temperament of truth and pious thoughts to dispel and disburse the divine wisdom.

  • ‘Bubjee’ always hissed His simplicity
  • truth and purity
  • and recommended to follow it in tranquility.
  • Yes – simplicity as simple as the relation
  • between a mother and a son
  • as simple as the faith in divine devotion
  • and ‘truth’ as true as the birth
  • and death, joy and sorrow, blooming blossoms,
  • as true as the sky and earth.
  • ‘Purity’ as pure as the sunshine,
  • sacred flames of sanctimonious fire,
  • moon’s soothing sparkle beyond cloud nine…

In mid-seventies, once I went to Bubjee’s ashram at Kharyar in Srinagar not knowing much of the divine saint, sat in front of Him and looked straight into His mesmerizing eyes, His glistening white turban, His graceful shroud (Pheran) and the tricolor vermillion on His sparkling forehead. I was mesmerized to see such a majestic saint and I asked Him in a murmur – “Sir! Why don’t you get up from the Holy seat and bless the devotees?” To this, He replied – “Dear! You have asked me a question with rare simplicity, truth and purity. Don’t you feel and find me besides you, I am always with my devotees, have faith in me and follow my gospels”. After these words there was no conversation between Him and me for the reasons known to his majesty. I left His holy court and narrated the conversational episode to my mother at home which she listened with utmost attention and said – “My son, you have been blessed with His bliss, Bubjee is not in his mortal frame, it is His holy bust and your simplicity, truthfulness and purity made you to believe that His ‘live self’ was talking to you. Your future is going to be bright as His bliss has illuminated your ignorant path”. I was spell-bound and shocked to know that it was an illusion of theosophical realm with its divine legislation of spirituality. To me simplicity, truth and purity means to be simple in ideas and thoughts and its presentation as naked and pure as the benign fire. Even today His blessed words ring in my mind and sound a ‘gospel music’ within my heart and those divine vibrations keep me agile and alive as simple, true and pure with gracious grace of Bubjee.

Dr. Roshan Saraf

Bhagavaanji’s Temples